Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wordpress Vs Blogger

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Wordpress is easy to use for those people which have no sense how to design website and that is why it has become world's top rated website script but question is about its efficiency and popularity when it is compared with blogger. No doubt wordpress is safer to use, less subjected to scam attacks, proper ssl certificates and thousands of live plugins and themes which made it heaven for web developers but blogger is world's oldest blogging platform which have around 1.5 million live blogs and millions of users and visitors. Blogger is listed on all search engines quite easily as compared to Wordpress but Wordpress have grasped new users of blogger into its hands and we can see that thousands of people are migrating from Blogger to Wordpress.
Wordpress premium blogging features are available for 99$ but Blogger provide these features free of cost. Wordpress needs slight coding to make blog live on internet but no coding is required in Blogger. Blogger have little custom premium graphics templates but thousands of themes are available for blogger. Wordpress has to compete to get ads for its users on Adsense but Blogger has integrated  Adsense feature. Wordpress provide custom domain for 18$ but same domain is easily available in 9$ for blogger. Wordpress is not easily submitted to search engines and directories but Blogger is only at one click away from getting submitted in Google. There are thousands of websites which sale Wordpress themes, Plugins and SSl certificates but only few are available for Blogger users. so, we can not compare them generally but some salient features of Blogger are advanced and graphics of Wordpress are premium. because these are of two different categories and purposes and can not be compared generally in same sense.
If you want to get wordpress for better security from hackers and graphics then you should get wordpress but if you want to go on top in search engines and want more ads for your blog then blogger is best choice for you.
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